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How can (or can't) day trading in the stock market or forex be a good primary source of income?

I want your honest opinion for me to be aware as I want to be a day trader in the stock market or forex as my primary source of income.
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Stock Market or Forex?

Hi everyone,
I am getting into trading. Read a couple books, studied some charts and watched some YouTube videos. Still in my education process.
From what I’ve seen, forex traders preach that the fx market is the place to trade. It’s mostly about technical analysis and with leverage you make (or lose) a lot of money.
My question is: why do people trade on the stock market if the forex “is better”? Or why do they move to futures? Is it just more money?
I’ve tried googling or YouTubing the answer, couldn’t find anything other than people saying that forex=good.
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Is it a better time to get into the US stock market or Forex?

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Should I start investing? Whether it be the Stock Market or the Forex Market?

Hey guys, hope you're all doing swell! I'm new to Reddit posting and also know the bare minimum about personal finance etc. so bare with me!

I am 20 years old, living in Australia. I have a steady job where i am (with my newly increased hours) earning around $2,000 - $2,400 a month and have about $10,000 saved up. I'm still living with my family so expenses are minimal, and i'd say I spend about $400 - $500 a month all up.

I hate the idea of money sitting around doing nothing, especially as the value of money is depreciating over time, and I am just wanting advice on what I should be doing with my money to either make more money, or just build a foundation for my future.

I was thinking about investing in property, but I think the property market in Australia is incredibly hard to get into these days, so alternatively, I've been looking at stocks/currency market. Do you guys think it's wise for me to start researching stocks and/or the currency exchange and start dabbling into either one of them?

If so, for a person with -1 knowledge of investing, which do you reckon would be a better choice (Stock market or Forex)? and how should I go about it?

I'd appreciate any advice and by all means, feel free to ask any questions if you need more background information and also set me straight if you think i'm doing something wrong! Thanks guys :)
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I have a way to make money online that is fairly hard (but what isn't) but possible, reckon I could make a course and sell it for a few thousand? If followed and put about 10 hours work in a week I have no doubts they'd be able to double 10k in a few months or build up a smaller sum of money quicker

It is something real unlike all those people that would seem to be selling pure scams and getting away with it (most stock market or forex trading). I wouldn't have a guilty conscious at all, because it's a real thing I use. However, when I use it, it's outside of work hours and does take up most of my weekends if I'm to make large amounts on it. I've probably been earning average $30k a year doing it for a few years myself.
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Should i stick to the Stock market or switch to FX? ( 600 euro account)

Hello guys i have been "long term investing" for like 1.5 year now started with 380 dollars. I had shares in AMD but i sold them out at around 34 dollars.
The reason i did that was because i kept seeing every day the price going up and down at a veeery predictable manner. I started searching what was causing this and i stumpled upon day / swing trading.
It sounded sketchy at first and backed by statistics like " 95% of day traders lose money" ( great way to lie with statistics btw) so i have been hesitant to start engaging in it.
Eventually i started digging really hard in it for the past month or so and i even have been successful in most of my trades. ( small gains around 5-10 bucks or break even)
So my goal now is to grow my account to 5000 dollars and after that having a goal of ~20% per month (The reason for this is because it is double the minimal wage in my country , Greece). I searched a bit in here for guys in simillar situations and most of the times i see you guys suggesting the FX market as an easier way to grow a small account
So how does the stock market compares vs the FX market?. Big factor for my situation : I use Etoro it has 0 commission fees and for technical analysis i use webull(Although i would love to have lvl 2). Cons on stock market for Etoro : limited amount of sto ks it mainly has large cap stocks since they are more popular.
A couple more things for me : 1) I am shiting bricks when i open positions with bad fundamentals even though techinal analysis supports my decision (looking at you Nio) 2) I like both intraday and swing trades. 3)I never used leverage even though i know what it is and i am kinda hesitant using it 4)I really love that the Forex market is open 24/5.
Overall i feel this is a great opportunity for someone in Greece because : You are taxed at 15% (7% less than having a job) Minimal wage is 550 euro per month (Although you will be lucky to find a 8 hour job) Cost of living is around 550 euro per month for housing and food( no car) You can be a consistent trader for a living and be categorised as unemployed and getting free welfare checks :p (spoked with my fathers accountant about this)
That's all folks i would really appriciate your opinions :)
TL:DR : Stock market or Forex market for growing a small account?
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Should I learn to trade Forex or Stock Market

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Has Forex market always been such unstable or is it just since the stock market crash?

Started trading forex during lockdown. I used simple SMA retest strategy in forex. Before that I had 6 months experience in stock trading
I blew my account today. Stress hormone levels have never been this high for months. So I have to ask this question before considering re-entering the market:
Has the price always been this jerky? Or the pandemic has made it more crazy?
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[uncensored-r/CryptoCurrency] Stop-loss hunting: An incredibly common way that "whales" steal your coins, and how to prevent it

The following post by CaffeineIsMyHeroin is being replicated because some comments within the post(but not the post itself) have been openly removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: CryptoCurrency/comments/7y8aiq
The original post's content was as follows:


I've been investing in crypto for a few months now. I've certainly made some mistakes by applying trading strategies from my stock trading days to crypto, when crypto has a vastly different environment. One of the things I learned early on was how rampant and widespread stop-loss hunting is. This post is meant to give a brief explanation on what stop-loss hunting is, how to identify it, and how to avoid being hunted yourself. You may have heard that stop-hunting is not a big thing in the stock market or forex. This is true, but I assure you its very real in crypto.

Stop-loss hunting is the act of intentionally pushing the price down through a major support level to trigger stop-loss orders, creating a flash-crash which can then be used to buy coins on the cheap.

It is incredibly easy to do with anything that has low volume at any point during the day, which is a vast majority of cryptos outside the top 15.



Let's say you're a whale with a large amount of BTC and you have reason to believe there's some awesome news coming out for coin ABC which will generate a nice pump, so you have been accumulating this coin over the past week and are sitting on about 50BTC worth. The volume on the coin is currently very low and so you can't purchase any without driving up the price, which you don't want to do.

The setup:

First you look at the price, order book, and volume, and note the following:
  • It's currently trading at 105K satoshi.
  • The order book is very thin - there's only about 6 BTC worth of buy orders between 105K and 100K
  • There's only another 2BTC of buy orders just below 100K.
  • anything below 95K you don't care about.
  • You know that 100K is a major psychological level and there are bound to be stop-loss orders below it.

Time to go hunting and pick up some more coins for cheap!

  1. You place several market sell orders totaling 5 BTC, driving the price down to 101K.
  2. You then place some massive sell walls of 4-5BTC at 101.5BTC, hoping to trigger panic.
  3. If panic doesn't follow, you make a few more market sells and the price collapses down to 100K.
  4. A few more sells and you push the price to 99K.
  5. Now the fun begins. You have sold off about 10BTC of your 50BTC position, now sitting on 40BTC.
  6. Plenty of retail investors had their stop-losses placed at 99.5K, and their orders are triggered. They begin placing limit sell orders (without even knowing) and driving the price down further.
  7. The price has now collapsed to 96K, almost a 10% drop, in just a few minutes.
  8. There are now 30BTC of stop-loss orders for sale between 96K and 105K, and you buy them all.
  9. Price returns to the previous 105K and you now own 70BTC worth of coin ABC.
In short, by selling 10BTC of your position for an average of 101K you created a short-lived 10% price collapse which you then took advantage of to buy up a bunch of cheap coins from stop-loss orders for an average of 99K. Not only do you now own 20BTC more of your coin, but you got them at a discount. Awesome for you, sucks for the poor holders who you hunted and now no longer have their coins.


What does stop-loss hunting look like on a graph? As you might expect, it looks like a massive spike down followed by significant bull action and a return to norm. Often whales do stop-loss hunting right before pumping it themselves, so you may even see stop-loss hunting followed by a huge run up.

Avoiding being Hunted

How do you prevent getting "hunted"? There are really two ways.
Use price alerts instead of stop-losses.
By the time you get the alert and check the price, the hunt will probably be over. The downsides to this are that it requires a strong ability to remain unemotional - something most people don't have (and why people use stops in the first place). You still have to honor your mental stop-losses, you just also allow them a bit of time to ensure that the move was authentic. In trading circles you'll here this referred to as "letting the candle complete."
Place smarter stop-losses.
As you can see from the previous graph, price fluctuations and volatility in this market is significant. The best way to do this is to look at the average order book size, calculate volume and how many sells it would take to crash the price a given amount, and ensure your stop-loss is below that. You should also place stop-losses away from major psychological levels, such as 100K satoshi or even 99K. Place them either higher (106K) or lower (94K) depending on the market.
I personally roll with option 1 (assuming I even have coins on an exchange, which is rare), but there's nothing wrong with either choice.


I hope this has helped at least one or two people understand what stop-loss hunting is, why it's important, and how to avoid being "hunted" and having your coins stolen from you.
I also have suspicions that binance has bots that chase stop-loss orders.
As an experiment I placed a stop about 5% below the current price on a coin and with only about 1BTC of buy orders between my stop and the price. Within 5 minutes my coins had been stopped out and the price had returned to its previous level.
If volume is low enough, a whale can push the price down through a major support and trigger your stop loss orders and then take your coins from you.
Other references - note, none are about crypto so some assumptions they make do not apply such as stop-hunting not being a thing in forex (it's definitely a thing in crypto).
Edit: some grammar and a few numbers which I fudged
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Income without a Job & Income Taxes

Hey Guys,
I'm wondering how income taxes work on earnings from places such as the stock market or Forex. Assuming any registered account (TFSA etc.) is not being used. Also, assuming these earnings are the only source of income.
Would they be declared when doing income taxes? Would they be taxed in the income tiers or the capital gains tier? How would they check the earnings if they're just sitting in a bank account? If I earn $5,000 and dump it into my TFSA after earning them, am I still taxed?
Sorry if any of the questions are silly/stupid.
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Stock Market Live Streamers?

Are there any stock market or forex live streamers on the Internet that I can just copy their trades in real time? If so, which are the best? Thank you.
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Advice for Expat in Qatar Under Currency Intervention

I don't know how long they can keep it up but the country's doing all it can in keeping the currency afloat vs the dollar despite its neighbors forcing it to collapse.
I'm not American but is it better to buy USD, look into stock markets or Forex or just send my money to my country whose PHP is not doing so well over the years vs the USD.
I've zero experience in these things and I've used to have great confidence in QAR being a stable currency before the Gulf shakeup. Is the QAR a ticking time bomb or should I not be worried?
Any insight on this will be greatly appreciated.
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Outlook on Dogecoin? Much discuss!

The discussion here is mainly on the future of Cryptocurrencies. New ones come and go every week. At the moment there are as many as I can fill my Truck with, and still have no use for most of them. But that's not the point here. What I really wanted to discuss the outlook on Dogecoin in particular, of all cryptos. I'll list a few points that I feel should be discussed, or at least I needed to have it clear, so here goes.
  1. Perspective - We all live in a segregated world, brought together by the Internet, so basically, what we do or don't, even on the internet, is subject to local jurisdiction. At the moment, there is absolutely no regulation in Cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. This is good, as well as bad. While most Governments turn a blind eye towards these "fads", Bitcoin changed everything. First, it gained traction, then acceptance, and then the Dark Side emerged. Frankly, the governments were still only looking to methods of regulation, when Silk Road happened - I mean it got exposed to the public eye. This now brought Bitcoin right under the scanner of most governments, and it being watched very closely. I mean not just the Investment houses and Hedge Funds, but by other "secret' organizations as well. Nothing new there.
What I want to ask is, How does Dogecoin remain clean? Or a positive image of a Rockstar elder brother? Not just the community, but something else too right?
  1. Traction and Acceptance - We are a young community, rapidly growing, and happily so, but young still, like our coin. Many services are growing accepting of the dogecoin, and most of them are new services that pop-up every day. This is good, but only if those many people use it! I myself am a registered seller on 4 sites, and only one sale to show between them. To be honest, I don't sell games or net-based services, so yeah! Now, ours is not a debt based currency, that's the whole point of Cryptos. That's what causes and helps with with decentralization or de-linking. But it is related to one of the most basic Economic models - Spending! We are tipping a lot, which is great, but we also need to spend on services, on goods and so on. It's as simple as your Fiat currency. The more you spend, the more it is in circulation. Generally it causes the public debt to be lower, but not the case for us, as mentioned previously.
So, How long till we gain critical mass, and become a mainstream crypto, with a real value?
  1. Markets - This is also a very important part of any currency - the markets. be it stock markets, or Forex. Our currency is accepted on many exchanges, and it amongst the most highly traded, and also very volatile currencies. As it is doge is valued higher than many Fiat currencies, but we need to grow a lot more! This happens if many of us actively take part in the trading. This was shown in the recent dump-pump-dump maneuver, and how Shibes gobbled it up, not letting it dip so much. This again causes markets to perform healthy, but by public interest, and not a single person!
So, How long till we start getting traded against Fiat currencies? And how are we working towards it? Do we want it?
  1. To The Moon - This question, I think is simple, and depends on the above parameters being fulfilled. When do we get to the moon? Of course, we do not know what the moon is. Since most of us have said that when 1 doge = $1, we reach the moon.
So, Is this realistic? Or is it too low? And how long till we get to the moon?
I hope it wasn't too long for you'll to read, and I hope to get some discussion / criticism, since it helps me (and many of us) learn a lot!
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We all thought about being a forex or stock market trader, till we lost the 50K they put in our demo account in 3 minutes

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Black Knight Trader is a purely educational and learning site for individuals who are looking to learn to trade any Stocks, Options, Futures, or Forex Markets.

Black Knight Trader is a purely educational and learning site for individuals who are looking to learn to trade any Stocks, Options, Futures, or Forex Markets. submitted by kbw3218k to u/kbw3218k [link] [comments]

HOW DOES ECN FOREX TRADING WORK? When you trade Forex, as opposed to trading stocks or equities, you’re not exchanging any physical goods. Thanks to an Electronic Communications Network (ECN) the Forex market is able to operate without a central hub as it links buyers and sellers directly through wh

HOW DOES ECN FOREX TRADING WORK? When you trade Forex, as opposed to trading stocks or equities, you’re not exchanging any physical goods. Thanks to an Electronic Communications Network (ECN) the Forex market is able to operate without a central hub as it links buyers and sellers directly through wh submitted by Binarypro2020 to u/Binarypro2020 [link] [comments]

Question about Forex compared to crypto or the stock market

So I’m new to Forex and i am a firm believer that if you leave your money in the stock market it will eventually grow and won’t end up costing you more than what you put in. With Forex it’s different because you need to put stop loss as to not owe more than what you are putting in. My biggest question would be is there a consequence of leaving your money in hopes that it will eventually grow
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Is it More Realistic to Make a Living Trading in the FOREX Market or the Traditional U.S. Stock Market? (xPost from r/investing)

I'm curious as to where I should start investing my time. I'm 22, I love to read, learn, study trends, make use of data, current events, you name it. I've started to make a living for myself with a company I helped start that manages Pay Per Click Advertising. I've networked myself into a great position, while still having very low living expenses, and I don’t even graduate from business school until this May.
The point is, I'm making a good living now and know I will be coming into quite a bit of extra income when I graduate, enough to establish some risk capital for me to start investing safety. I have been learning and reading immensely about the Foriegn Exchange (FOREX) market and obviously the US Stock exchange. I’ve been reading the Wall Street Journal the past 6 months and just basically want a deep, deeeeep understanding of what I am doing before I start making major decisions (None of those Oanda demo accounts) with my money. I was approached from an old friend who was trying to get me into that ImarketsLive "Global Visionariez" "Forex makes You Rich" bullshit which I have researched deeply and found to be bullshit. This turned me off from Forex trading, although I know it’s an incredible economy of scale.
I am trying to figure out, from some experienced folk, where I should continue putting my learning efforts? I want to continue learning and researching how to trade and find leverage for at least another 3-6 months before I make any moves. Which is a more realistic route to take? Which market has the best opportunity? I’m open for all interpretation so please share! Thank you.
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Can someone with no previous experience with markets or stocks actually make money on Forex?

Hey everyone! So I am really interested in doing Forex trading but I am unsure if I will actually make any money off it. I am afraid it will be a waste of time. If I open a practice account, and do lots of reading on it, can I actually make decent money?
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How to Generate Stocks, Commodity or Forex Market Trading Tips or Calls by using an online Calculator?

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Do forex/stock day trading strategies apply to crypto? Or should this new market require new strategies?

I'm interested in day trading crypto currencies, like I assume many people in this subreddit might also be. I couldn't help but wonder if books, courses, and strategies on forex/stock market day trading should apply to crypto markets with the same confidence. Since crypto is a new market with lots of uncertainty, how well does knowledge on these other markets apply to our case?
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What information would you expect to see if you were giving someone money to invest for you in the stock market or in forex?

Short term trading, holding contracts from 1 day to 3-4 weeks. I am not worried about the legal side, I have that figured out.
My trading speaks for itself but the problem is that I'm young. Many people wouldn't trust a 21 year old with their money, regardless of record. What records would you like to personally see before giving someone your money to trade? I have already had one investor, but it was a family member. After sharing results and how I got them, there wasn't much questioning.
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Supply And Demand Trading Method - Stock Market Or Forex ... Stock markets or Forex - Which is more rewarding? - XVIII Excitement About Stock market or forex trading graph in ... Stock Market Or Forex Trading Graph In Graphic Concept for ...

currency: usd: cad: euro: jpy: aud: gbp: mxn: chf: usd-----1.3026: 0.8422: 103.3475: 1.3778: 0.7600: 20.5823: 0.9002: cad: 0.7677-----0.6466: 79.3421: 1.0578: 0.5835 ... Investing in the stock market is a wise decision for investors. When it comes to the trade then, I will choose Forex over the stock market. The forex and the stock market are quite similar. The price fluctuates depending on the supply and demands. However, there are a few differences between the two markets. I will describe them one by one. The forex and stock market do not have limits that can prevent trading from happening. Keep up to date with current currency, commodity and indices pricing on our top rates page . Market sentiment analysis: Trader confidence remains high in global stock markets despite early signs of profit-taking after Monday’s surge. Sentiment continues to be boosted by hopes that ... Difference Between Forex Market and Stock Exchange, if you have previously been buying and selling a stock business and then doing forex business can definitely feel a very significant difference between the two. And whether you will choose a forex business or stock depends on your choice and risk profile. If you like a business that has High Risk High Return, then please choose a forex ... Stock Market Investing for Beginner and Options Trading: The Best Beginner's Guide for the Stock Market and Forex Trading, Useful Strategies to Achieve Financial Freedom Candlestick and Pivot Point Trading Triggers + CD-ROM: Setups for Stock, Forex, and Futures Markets (Wiley Trading Series) Comparing Forex to Indexes . Stock market indexes are a combination of stocks, with some sort of element—either fundamental or financial—which can be used as a benchmark for a particular ...

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Supply And Demand Trading Method - Stock Market Or Forex ...

Supply And Demand Trading Method - Hindi My Second Youtube Channel -----Abhi IQ option trading----- ----Link::: CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO: And start earning in the Forex Market Now! In our growing multinational corporate atmosphere, there are ... CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO: And start earning in the Forex Market Now! In our expanding multinational corporate environment, there a... Andre Minassian discussing the stock markets, trading the markets, various methods and philosophies. Intuitive Trading Institute https://intuitivetradinginst...